Tailings Storage - Case Studies

Tailings Storage - Case Studies


Cleveland Potash Ltd, Boulby Mine. Loftus, UK (Backfill of underground workings)

Sillamae Metal and Chemical Production Plant, Estonia (Uranium tailings polluting the Baltic Sea)

Stava, Nr. Trento, Italy (Impoundment failure with a 268 death toll)

Los Frailes Tailings Dam Failure, Nr Sevilla, Spain (1998 Impoundment Failure)

Lisheen Mine, County Tipperary, Ireland


Mufulira Mine, Zambia (Underground breach of a tailings dam)

Merriespruit Tailings Dam Failure, Virginia, South Africa (Impoundment failure)

North America & Canada:

Highland Valley Copper Mine, Nr. Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada (Good example of remediation)

Kidd Creek Metallurgy Plant, Timmins, Ontario, Canada (First surface Central Thickened Disposal (CTD) site)

South America:

Hydraulic Mining of Tailings, Disputada Mine, Chile (relocation and reprocessing of Copper tailings)

Dry stacking of tailings, La Coipa, Chile (A large dry stack facility in Chile)


Kaltails Project, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (hydraulic mining of tailings to remove old impoundments away from the town and to reprocess the tailings for gold)